Diesel Truck Maintenance Tips

While today's modern diesel trucks easily handle the challenges of the road, they aren't exempt from having the occasional problem on the streets. Truck and fleet owners are smart to do maintenance to help avert and avoid as many complications as possible.

Keep Your Engines Running

Downtime means lost opportunity in trucking. To ensure your truck is always ready to handle the next long or short run, here are several suggestions to keep you rolling down the highway and avoid the need for emergency truck repair.

Fuel And Air Filter Changes - The fuel and air filters in your truck capture contaminants and help to prevent them from entering the sensitive parts of your engine. If you notice reduced performance, check your filters to ensure they aren't blocked or clogged. If they have blockages, replace them with a new filter. If you are unsure of how often these filters should get changed, refer to the owner's manual to confirm frequency requirements.

Regular Oil Changes - The same way your truck needs new filters, it also requires oil and regular oil changes to keep the engine well lubricated when driving or sitting in traffic. Generally, oil changes are ideal every 5,000 miles. However, other factors such as mileage, the age of the truck, the type of driving, and freight weights could impact how often you need to change the oil.

Cooling System Maintenance - Truck engines of all sizes are hot by default when in operation. If your truck has the added stress of running in stopped traffic, extended driving in warm climates, the last issue you want to deal with is an overheated engine. To ensure that your truck engine stays prepared for usual, unusual, and unpredictable driving conditions, keeping the colling system serviced helps you avoid breakdowns while you're in transit.

Check Your Tires - Truck tires play a crucial role in truck transportation. Before starting a run, always examine the wheels on your cabin, as well as the wheels on the trailer. Check for visual damages such as cracks, nails, worn tread, or underinflated tires. Any of these problems with the wheels on your truck can create a potentially dangerous situation for yourself and other motorists if you have a blowout on the road.

Call The Dallas Truck Repair Experts

If you are a trucker in the Dallas, Texas area who needs help with emergency repairs or regularly scheduled maintenance, we help to keep your truck running. Rely on our experienced team of truck technicians. We're available to help with all types of repairs and diesel engine truck maintenance. Contact the professionals at J&R Truck Service today!


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