Should I Replace My Air Conditioner?

Summer in Texas can be unrelenting, especially if you're having trouble with your air conditioner. Generally, the average home AC unit can last for anywhere from twelve to fifteen years. However, as the unit gets older and has more use, the performance can decline.

Over time, this decline in performance can leave your home uncomfortable and result in your energy bills skyrocketing. As a savvy consumer and homeowner, it pays to investigate whether a replacement installed by a professional HVAC company is better than costly repairs.

To Replace Or Repair?

When your older AC unit starts having operational issues, it can be a tough call whether to replace it or make repairs. If your cooling system is less than fifteen years old and is in relatively sound condition, a repair is often the best solution, especially if the repair is an inexpensive or simple fix. In cases where the AC unit has significant problems and is nearing the average "end of life," a replacement helps solve your cooling issues swiftly. To make your final decision on whether a repair or replacement unit is in order, here are some things to consider.

Repair costs - If your unit only requires small or simple repairs, such as sealing a refrigerant leak, replacing the thermostat or a start capacitor, paying for these minor repairs will help you get more use from the unit. In the short term, these repairs spare you the need to spend substantial amounts of money. However, if your unit requires more extensive repairs, such as fixing the evaporator coil, compressor, or a blower motor replacement, these types of repairs can cost as much as a replacement system.

Efficiency - In recent years, the efficiency of modern AC units has increased significantly, In fact, many of today's advanced air conditioning units far exceed those from just ten years ago. By making an upgrade to a new Energy Star Certified Air Conditioning Unit, you can use from twenty to forty percent less energy when compared to running your existing air conditioning unit. Additionally, new air conditioning units offer modern features such as variable speed blowers and two-stage cooling to provide quieter operation and independent control and zoning systems to keep complete control over the comfort levels of your entire home.

When you speak with a professional HVAC company, they can advise you on your options. Regardless of whether you decide to move ahead with repairs to your existing air conditioning unit or you decide you want to upgrade to a new, warrantied air conditioners with all of today's modern technology, the experts at Lavender AC in Mesquite, Texas can help you restore the comfort in your Texas home. Get in contact today for a free estimate.


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