The Newborn Photography Guide

Those first few weeks with a newborn fly by fast, and you can practically watch as your little one’s cute facial features begin to change. Newborn photography allows you to capture these sweet moments forever, and you’ll always cherish professionally created artwork that showcases your baby’s unique tiny grin and beautifully innocent eyes. Yet, there is an art form to capturing those perfect poses when their own needs rule newborns. You can use this guide to make sure that your baby’s professional portrait sessions go as you plan.

Look for a Photographer that Focuses on Safety and Comfort

Our studio at Sweet Magnolia Photography is designed for safety. We know that parents sometimes see gorgeous photos on sharing platforms that have that wow factor. Yet, they may not always be the safest poses. We prefer to use natural poses along with props that are meant to be used with newborns. If you do have a preference for a pose, then just let us know. We’ll do our best to achieve your vision while keeping your little one safe.

Our photographer also takes extra steps to do things such as wash her hands before helping to get your newborn into their adorable pose. You’ll also find that our studio is kept at the perfect temp so that your newborn feels warm and snuggly but can still be alert enough to catch those wide-eyed moments. When you bring your baby into the studio, you can trust that they’re in competent hands.

Illuminate Your Newborn’s Perfect Features

The primary goal of newborn photography should always be to keep things as natural as possible. Newborns are so beautiful that they don’t require a whole lot of artificial lighting. Natural sunlight is our preferred type of lighting for bringing out a baby’s lovely features. While you’ll see some lights in our studio, we also choose to use the sunlight streaming through the window to bring out that soft glow that makes newborns so much fun to photograph.

You’ll also want to be on the same page with your photographer regarding the post-session processing of the images. While some parents believe that even the imperfections are what make their newborn perfect, others prefer to smooth out skin tones and those usual blemishes that appear in the early weeks of life. Your photographer needs to know your preferences so that your baby’s photos come out exactly as you want.

Learn How to Get Your Baby to Cooperate

Newborns live by their schedule, and it is common for a baby to be fussy or uncooperative during a photo session suddenly. You can do your part to help your baby be in a good mood by doing things such as feeding them just before the session starts.

You’ll also love watching our photographer’s techniques for keeping babies calm. She’s known as a baby whisperer around here, and she’s always ready to give a gentle embrace to your newborn at the precise moment that they need one to feel comfortable being photographed.

You’ve only got a few weeks to capture those special moments with your newborn. A professional photoshoot gives you a long-lasting keepsake that you’ll always cherish. As you begin the process of planning your newborn’s photo session, be sure to remember that time is of the essence for capturing your baby’s features while they are at their tiniest.


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