The Commercial Demolition Guide

Commercial demolition often deals with more significant buildings like offices, factories, stores, and more. Because these properties have more complex building plans, they require greater caution. To help you understand what's involved, here are the steps that a demolition contractor will take during a commercial demolition.

1. Careful Disposal and Removal of Dangerous Chemicals

 The first step is being aware of dangerous chemicals and material before the job starts. Companies may have to deal with lead, asbestos, cadmium, formaldehyde, and other chemicals. They'll take steps to protect workers against these chemicals with protective gear and be cautious about the demolition process so that materials with these chemicals are exposed responsibly. 

2. Fall Protection

 One of the most significant risks that workers face is falling on the job. Companies understand structures may become destabilized, which can mean floors can collapse. There may also be accidents or simple negligence on the job. Being aware of this, the demolition contractor will take all the necessary safety measures to reduce risks. This includes conducting comprehensive surveys, offering restraints and other safety gear for workers, securing of structures, and safety-driven guidelines on removing debris.

3. Environmentally Driven Demolition

 With many demolition jobs, everything is demolished and taken to the landfill. While this is time-efficient, it's not environmentally responsible nor economical. Smart commercial demolition companies will do their best to recycle material and dispose of unusable material properly. Many materials like concrete, kitchen/bathroom fixtures, steel, wood frames, sinks, and toilets can be recycled. 

 It is worth the time and effort to take these materials out. The recycling of these materials more than pays for itself. Environmentally friendly demolition companies also do more than recycle. They try to maintain a small environmental footprint, reduce pollution to nearby areas, and use fuel-efficient equipment.

4. Adherence to Rules and Regulation

 Because commercial properties have more complex building plans than residential properties, it becomes even more important to follow the rules and regulations. Commercial demolition companies will take these rules and regulations far more seriously. This includes employee safety, process demolition, environmental hazards, proper equipment, and more. Also, they demolish in a way that makes it easier for the next construction project on the lot.

Use a Demolition Company That is Experienced

 These are the fundamental steps that reputable and reliable commercial demolition companies will take. Finding the right company to work on your demolition project is a big part of ensuring a successful demolition and construction project. If you're looking for a company with experience, Lloyd Nabors Demolition can help. To learn more about our services, click here.


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