Window Film Can Help Reduce Your Home's Energy Bill

If you're searching for creative ways to reduce your home energy bill, don't overlook how window film can give you more control over the comfort of your indoor living environment. 

Protective film for windows is effective at minimizing glare, reducing solar heat within the home, and helping to retain more heat during the colder months of the year.

Some films can block as much as forty percent of heat loss in the winter. During the summer, the film prevents solar heat from rising temperatures inside your home.

If you're considering which type of film is best for you, here are some recommended types to consider:

3M Ceramic Series Film For Windows - The 3M Ceramic Series window film offers a nice balance of quality at an affordable price. With heat reduction and low-reflectivity properties, you lose no detail in clarity when viewing from the indoors. This type of film doesn't use metal, so it doesn't cause interference with signals or electronic devices.

3M Classic Series Film For Windows - Among the most popular films for windows is the Neutral 35 series. This protective film features an abrasion-resistant coating that's attractive and offers high-performance. Made of polyester, ninety-nine percent of harmful UV rays get blocked. With a grey tint, this film could result in interference with devices or electronic signals. The advantages of this protective film include the reduction of glare, energy costs, discomfort, and excessive amounts of solar heat.

3M Prestige Series Film For Windows - This line of film does not use metal, so homeowners don't have to contend with corrosion or interference with signals or devices. They are less reflective than films in the Classic or Ceramic Series.

Multiple layers of polymer help to provide high-performance protection, as well as clarity when viewing through the windows. Up to ninety-seven percent of infrared gets blocked, making this one of the best films for windows available today.

3M Select Series Night Vision Film For Windows - 3M's Select Series Night Vision films provide high-performance features, including sun control, which makes it a top choice of energy-efficient film for windows available today.

The Night Vision film for windows differs from other films because it has low interior reflectivity. The Select Series protects your residence from harmful UV rays and helps to reduce heat and glare. During the afternoon and evening, this film provides unobstructed views while blocking as much as seventy-one percent of solar heat. When you live in Texas, you can imagine the difference this makes during the hot summer days.

Say Goodbye To Overpriced Energy Bills

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