Spring Guide to HVAC Maintenance

Spring is a beautiful season of the year! After short days, long nights, and colder temperatures, everything starts to come back to life. Not only is it a perfect time for completing spring cleaning, but it's also an ideal time to take care of spring maintenance tasks to prepare your home for the warmer days ahead. 

Before the hot, oppressive weather arrives, one of the first summer preparation tasks you should plan is an inspection and preventative maintenance on your HVAC system. By addressing this critical part of your regular home care schedule, you can help to ensure that you catch and fix minor problems with your HVAC system before they lead to more significant issues later.

During a springtime preventative maintenance checkup, here are some of the tasks your HVAC repair technician is likely to complete:

Evaporator Coil Cleanliness Check 

A dirty indoor evaporator coil can contribute to reduced performance. If dirty, the HVAC technician will clean the evaporator coil thoroughly.

Check The Air Handler Blower Assembly

Your HVAC technician will review the air handler blower assembly on your HVAC system, testing for accurate operation and overall cleanliness. If dirty or damaged, they will take steps to clean and repair this part of the unit.

Review Electrical Connections

Secure electrical connections help to ensure that your HVAC unit works as needed. Short electrical connections could potentially result in a fire hazard or problems with working.

Check Refrigerant Level

If your HVAC unit has low refrigerant levels, this could indicate a leak. Your HVAC repair technician should never top off the refrigerant. Instead, they should replace the component or find the source of the leak. Additionally, they should audit the outdoor fan motor and the compressor.

Clean The Unit And Clear Away Debris

If there is a visible buildup of debris, such as leaves, dirt, or other items around the HVAC unit, the repair technician should clear away any rubbish that could hinder performance. Additionally, if the interior or exterior of the cooling unit has a buildup of pollen or other items that could impair operation, the technician will wash away these potential obstructions.

Get Your AC Prepared For The Hot Season In Texas

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