Treat Smoke Damage Immediately

Having a fire in your home is a horrible experience to have to go through. Not only does it put everyone and everything you love in immediate danger at the time of the blaze, after it gets extinguished, but you must also deal with the aftermath to prevent further deterioration from taking place. 

Once the fire marshall has given you the "all clear" to enter your home and assess the damage, the sooner you call a fire restoration expert to step in, the better.

Begin The Salvage Process - One of the first tasks that a restoration company completes is determining which items are salvageable and which ones aren't.

Any delays can result in your belongings degrading further, or not being able to get saved. Odors from smoke get embedded and become harder to neutralize, resulting in higher costs and more time to treat.

Smoke And Water Are A Destructive Mix - While it's great that water extinguishes fires when water and fire are combined, they create a destructive mix inside your home. Left untreated, the combination of water, smoke, and fire damage quickly deteriorate the integrity of your home.

The restoration process takes more than a surface clean with readily available soap! The use of specialized cleaning chemicals is necessary to neutralize smoke, fire, and water damages. Further, all areas impacted by water must get dried thoroughly to prevent the spread of mold and mildew that contribute to an unhealthy living environment.

Soot Is An Additional Concern - Soot is a powdery black compound made of amorphous carbon. Whenever organic matters don't burn completely, soot is the result. This material can cause further contamination to parts of your home, even those not directly impacted by the fire, including drywall, furniture, flooring, and other items in the house. Further, the presence of soot in your home can contribute to severe respiratory conditions and breathing problems.

Permanent Damage Is Possible - If you fail to secure fire restoration services immediately after the fire and water damages occur, the chances for corrosion, rot, mildew, mold, and odors increase each day that passes. Further, by having a restoration company inspect your property as quickly as possible following the fire helps to ensure you can save, preserve, restore, or replace your belongings promptly.

Alleviate The Stress With Professional Restoration

After a house fire, you're likely to feel as if your entire world has gotten turned upside down. At Doiggs Restoration, we work hard to help make things right again. From assessing initial damages to thoroughly cleaning your home, and helping with insurance claims, you can rely on us to help through this catastrophe in the Rockwall, Texas area. Call us first and we'll help to take care of the rest.


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