Don't Fall Victim to These Newborn Photography Mistakes

While it might seem simple enough to make picture-perfect images of the new addition to your family, there are a few tips you should know to ensure that your photoshoot goes smoothly.

Handle The Baby With Care - When taking pictures of newborn babies, always take care to handle them gently. Cradle and support their necks whenever holding or positioning them.

Plan Your Shoot - Newborns keep a sometimes unpredictable sleep and feeding schedule. Allow extra time to accommodate for feeding, change, and calm the baby if they get fussy.

Typically, a two-hour window is enough to capture all the special moments. If you're planning on using props, make sure that you have all of them handy to save time searching for them in the middle of your session.

Keep The Baby Comfortable - An uncomfortable baby is a subject that isn't going to be happy! To keep baby cozy, be sure that the room is warm enough. Another way to help keep the little one warm is by bundling them up in a blanket.

Space heaters come in handy, too. However, always be sure to keep the heater at a safe distance away to keep the newborn from getting burned.

Ideally, you should also avoid using bright lights or flash photography, as newborns' eyes are sensitive. Rooms with plenty of natural light are ideal. If this isn't possible, using soft lights helps to illuminate the area is another viable option.

Using a white-noise machine or app can also prove helpful in keeping your baby peaceful and calm throughout your newborn photography session.

Take Pictures While They're Sleeping And Awake - The thing about newborns is that they won't stay newborns forever. When doing a newborn photography session, be sure to take pictures of the baby while they're sleeping and awake.

Be sure to take plenty of snaps to ensure that you have a wide range of shots in both landscape and portrait positions. By doing so, you have a broader selection of images from which to choose.

Use Photo Editing Software - When going through your photo roll, you might find images that you love. However, you might like them more if they were in black and white, or something in the background wasn't there.

Photo editing software empowers photographers of all skill levels to enhance their pictures. Cropping helps to bring more focus to the subject, or remove unwanted elements from the background. Filters allow you to improve photos digitally by changing color pictures to a black and white format or enhancing in a variety of ways.

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