Professional Air Conditioning Tips

Every day our home's HVAC system plays a vital role in keeping us hot or cold from the elements outside. During the summer in Texas, when your system fails, there isn't much time to act before the heat takes over. Below we will go over some of the more essential things a homeowner can do to troubleshoot their A/C.

A/C Troubleshooting Guide

  • Flip Circuit Breakers: Your unit could not be turning on due to a tripped circuit breaker. Checking your breaker and flipping it if it tripped could be a simple fix preventing a service call.
  • Clean Filters: DO NOT NEGLECT TO REPLACE YOUR AIR FILTERS. I had to emphasize this statement because it is one of the most neglected things in a home.
  • Check Thermostat: If your system isn't working, try adjusting your thermostat on/off, or in some cases, it is the batteries that need replacing.
  • Clean Vents: Dirty air vents can put a strain on your system, causing it to fail.
  • Clean Outside Unit: Gently spraying your unit with a water hose to remove any debris will allow for better airflow that could be preventing your system from operating correctly.

Should I Contact an HVAC Professional?

After trying everything listed above and still having trouble with your air conditioning, now might be the best time to call a pro. There are some instances where a trained technician should be the only person attempting a repair.

  • Don't Touch The Outside Unit: Don't even risk the chance of voiding your unit's warranty due to a shoddy repair job. The cost to replace is something no one wants to deal with in their budget unexpectedly.
  • Strange Noises: Call and HVAC company immediately if you begin to notice loud, strange noises coming from your unit or vents.

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