Window Film Frequently Asked Questions

When you think about window tinting, the chances are good that the first thing that comes to mind is tinted windows in cars or trucks. 



However, this miracle film isn't reserved solely for making the driving experience more enjoyable. It's also ideal for residential and commercial applications for multiple reasons, including:

Energy Efficiency - Window tinting improves energy efficiency by preventing treated indoor air from escaping and blocking solar heat, which raises interior temperatures when the sun shines brightly.

Reducing Fading - Protective window film installation reduces fading caused by damaging UV, or ultraviolet, rays. This type of window film prevents these rays from penetrating through windows, so furniture, drapes, flooring, and other valuables are less prone to fading damage.

Minimizing Glare - Glare can make everyday tasks like watching TV, working on the computer, and reading more uncomfortable. Window tinting helps to reduce bothersome glare and improves your living or work environment.

Privacy And Security - Window film installation also boosts confidentiality and security at your home or commercial business. Some films stop passersby from clearly seeing inside your home, while others make it harder to shatter and break windows.

What Is The Expected Lifespan Of Window Films?

Many of today's modern window films can last as long as two and a half decades! Factors that can impact longevity include the quality of the initial installation, the type of film you choose, the kind of windows or glass you have, care, and maintenance.

Does Window Tint Film Stop Glass From Shattering?

Generally, window tint films offer a basic level of protection against windows breaking and shattering into a thousand shards. If protecting the glass from breaking is one of your more pressing concerns, a security film is worth investigating.

Is Window Film Installation Compatible With Double Glazed Windows?

Yes, window film is compatible with double-glazed windows. For best results, choosing an expert window tinting company such as Amersol ensures a job well done.

Are There Any Incentives For Installing Window Tinting?

Indeed, there are incentives available to Texas property owners who choose to install window film. Homeowners can receive a 10% credit on window film cost, up to $2000. Please consult with your tax professional for more details on this or other tax credits and incentives.

What Are Cleaning Tips?

It would be best for homeowners to take extra care not to scratch the film. Avoid using bristle brushes or abrasive cleaning materials. The use of gentle cleaning solutions, soft cloth, or a clean synthetic sponge is best.

Have more questions about window film installation in Dallas, Texas? If so, call the Dallas window film experts at Amersol to discuss all the window film options available to you.


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