Window Film Myths

Window film is an incredibly misunderstood product. Sure, it might be a little more expensive than other window treatments, but what you get in return makes the cost worth it. There are many myths about window films that people believe to be true, and we're here to set the record straight!

Tinted Windows Are Always Too Dark

Tinted windows are usually darker than standard glass because of the film on top, but they can also be lighter. Window films with a lower VLT will let in less light and provide more privacy from the outside world, while window films with a higher VLT will allow for better visibility during the day.

People can pick from a wide variety of tint levels that meet their requirements.

Windows Treated With Window Film Are Hard To Clean

Window films usually have a protective coating on them, which makes them easy to clean. The film may not be as shiny or glossy as standard glass, but it's easy to clean window films more often than regular windows because they don't accumulate dust and dirt as other treatments do.

Regular cleaning of window films is vital to keep the film in peak condition.

Window Film Fades Or Degrades Quickly

A window film's life expectancy is dependent on the care it receives. Window films can last up to 30 years with proper maintenance and cleaning, while you will need to replace other treatments in as few as five or six months.

Like all assets, the better care the window film gets cared for, the longer it should keep protecting the home's interior.

Window Film Is Only Good During The Summertime

Some window films help control the temperature of a room. The level and type of heat reduction afforded by these window treatments vary from film to film. Still, many offer significant energy savings during the summer months while they keep rooms warmer in winter.

The best way for people to find out if their residential window treatment will impact the comfort of their home is by applying it to the windows most exposed to the bright sunlight.

Professional Window Film Installation Solves Problems

Window films feature a remarkable adhesive strong enough to withstand the elements of Mother Nature. Window film installation professionals should have no problem applying window tinting in most conditions and will often take precautions using an outdoor surface to complete portions of the work.

In some cases, applying the window film may need to be postponed until the weather conditions are more favorable. Ideally, the skies should be clear and dry before adhering any window film.

If you're a residential homeowner looking for window films in Dallas, please contact the professionals at Amersol today for a free, no-obligation estimate.


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